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Running a company is extremely challenging. Decision making capabilities are critical and having correct data is imperative.  Whether your company is a start-up or an established business, implementing technology aligned with business goals is key to the execution of a successful strategic business plan.

Planning and oversight for technology implementations is often handled by a Chief Information Officer or other executive role in the company. Many companies turn to trusted IT partners and advisors for this necessary planning and oversight work. A virtual or “fractional” CIO provides shorter-term guidance and direction for the company much as other trusted advisors in legal and financial roles.

Network Data Corporation provides these trusted technical advisors. With a knowledge of crucial industry standards and the business skills to support your team, our virtual CIO’s can deliver strategic technical planning and oversight for your IT operations. Explore our affordable vCIO services for your company by contacting Network Data Corporation today!

Virtual CIO Consulting Services

Is your company realizing the full benefit of IT investments? Are solutions and technology providers meeting the needs of the business? A strategic technology plan enables successful operations and reporting within budget and compliance requirements.

Network Data Corporation’s vCIO approach identifies technical risks and opportunities for your company. We work with your existing providers and suppliers to create a plan that streamlines hardware and software solution investments, with the goal of achieving real ROI.

We also provide analysis of your overall business strategy regarding employee and vendor technical efficiencies, strategic role and employee productivity, economies of scale, and customer satisfaction.

Technology Services

Our technology services include oversight and project management for new and existing business ventures, including requirements and budget. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Data and wireless infrastructure
  • Selection of internet and telecom providers
  • Cloud technologies and network
  • Equipment needs and RFP review
  • Recommendations for lines of business software
  • Managed Service Provider recommendations
  • Security configuration and risk analysis

Our network of experts can provide reviews of compliance, security and best practices with roadmaps for specific industry regulations:

  • Governmental regulatory agencies and certifications
  • Cybersecurity Maturation Model Certification

We also provide ongoing reviews, with three and five-year planning for future goals and initiatives.

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